Part-Time God

I sat in church this morning thinking of some questions.

Are we getting in the way of God fighting for our kids? Protecting our kids isn’t wrong, sure, but are we letting them experience nothing? Are we swooping in too quickly?

God is mighty. Most of us agree to that with words. But then we jump in front of the train of natural consequences that’s meant for our kids. We rush in and say “I’ve got you. I can protect you. I can save you.” But actually none of that is true. Not really. I can’t save anyone including myself.

It’s not my job to save my kids. It’s my job to teach them how Jesus saves. Sometimes that looks like conversation. Sometimes that looks like stepping aside and handing them over to their insistent behaviors. And sometimes it looks like standing beside them while they suffer those natural consequences; saying “I know and love you still.”

If we swoop in every time our kids make mistakes or seem to be walking down a road that makes us nervous, we only have ourselves to offer. And ourselves runs out pretty dang quick.

But God? That guy keeps going. He never falters. He takes our prayers over our children and whispers in our ear “no. I’ve got them. I’ve always had them. It’s me they really need. And I don’t miss. Stop making me a part time God to your children. I promise you that I’m enough.”

Thank you, God and amen.