America’s Favorite Pastime: Grooming Kids Into The Sex Industry

If I stand next to a child who shows signs that she’s about to step in front of a train, and I do nothing when I definitely had the ability and means to do something, there’s a level of culpability that rests on my shoulders. Even if that’s not my child. Especially if I took her picture, said what she was about to do, and shared it with all my friends.

Yesterday JLo asked our daughters to step in front of a moving train, and then half of America applauded her. Then they shared the photos.

I’ve lost count of the number of women I’ve spoken to that tell me they’ve been raped in and around their work at strip clubs. I can’t mentally carry the stats on how many have said “I thought it would be glamorous. I didn’t think the guys could touch us. I didn’t think I had to have sex with anyone. Nothing about it was glamorous.” Every one of those women went on to explain how they were trafficked in my town. And spoke about the amount of cocaine it took to get them through most nights.

Listening to someone standing on a soap box, no matter how sturdy that box is to stand on, is tiring. Probably because it puts a mirror of reality in front of us when we so often want to believe “it’s glamorous.” So I’ll keep this short.

If we are not speaking up and saying that romanticizing the sex industry is dangerous (not to mention objectifying) then we are part of the grooming process that lures children into child sexual exploitation.

If you support Jenny From the Block celebrating football and music while she casual dances on a stripper pole, you are telling our daughters “using sex is who we are and how we show what we are made of. You have a body. Use it. And sorry for what’s sure to come from it. I’ve heard some terrible stories, but you’ll probably be fine. Look how fancy she looked! It can’t be all that bad.”

And she did it with her 11 year old daughter watching. What a legacy.


2 thoughts on “America’s Favorite Pastime: Grooming Kids Into The Sex Industry”

  1. I was infuriated!! I turned it off!! I agree with you wholeheartedly that this has got to stop! How can these ladies do this in front of not only their children (for whom they are fully responsible for) but also in front of the world. I hate the way women have risen up against sexual harrassment and thrown many a man into jail for his behavior, when they are the ones causing it to happen in the first place and they won’t take responsibility for their behavior. A man lusts by what he sees! Do you know if anyone has reacted/responded to the Super Bowl Event Planners yet? I would love to make sure this type of entertainment does not happen again next year!

    1. Diane, thank you for your reply. I was so disheartened to see kids on the stage while this was happening. While I don’t think anyone needs help from another person to suffer from lust, we definitely have the opportunity to protect ourselves and keep others from lusting or temptation by making better choices. I think it comes down to confusion in our identity and parents’ hands off approach to raising kids. So kids lean toward whoever is the loudest. Yesterday, that was the half time performers. It’s time we start speaking up

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