Sabbath Sunday: Day 11

Why Yesterday Was Great by…well I wrote this- Obviously.

No one fought before church
My favorite jeans still fit
I was able to make  semi-drab outfit cute with a ribbon
Everyone was willing to YET AGAIN try a new church
Halfway through service I cried because I felt like this place could be a good fit
God talked to me during service (he pointed out my issues, but he did it nicely, so it’s all good)
A little over halfway through the service, The Man leaned over and said, “I hope the teaching is good because I really like this church so far.”
The teaching was good
We decided this is our new church
God loves us and never forgets even things like what church we should go to (AND HE SPOKE, “THE CHURCHETH THAT GIVETH THE FREE COFFEE”) check
Everyone in my family liked the church
We celebrated by baking endlessly and having a Christmas movie marathon
Now that’s what I call a happy Sabbath