The song on my iPod had just finished, and I thought to myself “the next song that comes on is going to be the theme song for our next year.” Naturally, it was Justin Bieber. I’m calling this a win. 

I laughed about it for a few minutes all to myself, told my kids what just took place inside of my head, endured their mock of my love for Justin Bieber, and then declared, “Jesus uses Justin Bieber to talk to me.” 
It’s only funnier that I’ve taken the idea of it all more seriously. The song? Purpose. 
The more I get into my new routine of things (more to come on this) the more I realize “PURPOSE” is the perfect word for my year. It’s just a happy circumstance that there is a song about it. 
But really, what’s the point of anything we do, of everything we do, of all the things we skip if there is no purpose behind them. Know your purpose. 
I want to know my purpose. I want my purpose to be God’s purpose. I want to do all things on purpose, so that my God is glorified with the life I lead. So I earn the tombstone that reads, “she did what she could”. 
Otherwise it may as well say “she stayed busy, but did very little.” That’s how I feel sometimes. Like my whole life is spent shouting into the wind. And do you know what I am beginning to realize? 
I jump to my feet when I’m offered something easy to accomplish. When something intimidates me or seems too hard, I hide. It’s fear. Fear is bigger in my life right now than purpose. 
Well, not for long. Justin Bieber and Jesus have gone out of their ways to deliver me a message, and I’m stepping into it. I’m reaching deep. I’m stepping out onto that water. I’m staring that wave in the face. I got this. Well, I don’t, but Jesus has got me. Who else shall I fear?