Can I be frank?

I hate being the primary chef in my house. I just do. I have limited time because, well. I am a mom. Also. I have the allergies. ALL THE ALLERGIES. Mealtime around here was getting straight dismal.

I want to eat healthy. I want to feed my family food that tastes good and isn’t boring or full of sodium.

I want to be proud of the food I serve my family, and I need it to fit into the time frame I have to make dinner each night.

45 minutes. Start to finish. That’s what I have. Because at dinner time it isn’t the preparation part that fills my heart, it’s the face to face with my family. Huddled around my dinner table, over conversation and laughter and really good food.

This doesn’t just happen. This takes preparation and planning and a Wlidtree meal prep solution. Check it all out here!