You’re Invited

Ever been a doubter? I would like to invite you in. 

Feel angry in the face of another’s blessing? Please. You have a place here. 
Find yourself crying out or mumbling “When, God? When?” This place is for you. 

Grumble, cuss, cower, stand, squirm, or punch. This place is for you. Let me welcome you in. Because parenting is real and gruesome. It hurts. It fills and it empties in the time span of water boiling. 
This job is not for cowards. You can’t love the way you need and live a life divided. You have to commit. Present but absent parents hurt worse than if you would have left your baby standing in the dusty drive way as you peel out and never took a side glance in the rear view mirror.  

We get it into our minds that if we are to do anything for our kids we have to do everything. But I don’t have everything in me. I don’t have it to give. I just don’t. 
I think ugly angry thoughts sometimes. I yell. I doubt. Boy do I doubt. But in the mornings when I take the time to seek peace first, I leave and I am changed. I stand a little taller. I speak a little sweeter. I feel just a little more comforted. 
We can’t pour out an empty kettle. We have to fill up. So fill up and know you aren’t in this alone. You fit. Right here you fit. 

You are loved and beautiful and chosen. You are appointed. You are anointed. And you’ve been sent. 
You’ve been sent for your spouse. Your children. You’ve been sent for me. I need you. We need each other. 
Don’t take this job lightly. Seek your peace and then step out. Know that you are right where you are suppose to be. You are a mother.