Your Number One Fan

I went about my day helping kids with the usual: dropping off, picking up, cleaning this, cleaning that, getting college nonsense in order and on and on. It’s mom life, right? It’s what we do. My life is mundane to say the most. 

But every now and then, the crazy things happen. I went to visit a new coffee shop that our friends opened today. Lighthouse Coffee in Sparks. They are wonderful. Their coffee makes me feel warm on the inside. 
A sweet lady approached me and said, “I think we are Facebook friends… your blog is fabulous.” 
How great is she?! And who the heck am I that she would know me? It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it overwhelms me when it does. I can’t even believe what God is allowing me to to be part of. 
I love this little blog. So much. I’ve loved it for nearly 11 years. It just never occurred to me that you would like it too. 
So let me take a second to say thank you. Thank you to anyone who ever reads these words. You lurkers? You are my people.
You extroverts. I get you. 
You introverts. I learn from you everyday. 
Thank you extremely to anyone who shares my posts. That’s a starving writer’s bread and butter, and it’s currently the thing keeping my book from going to the publisher- too few “reaches.” 
When they see you sharing, they know you mean it when you say you have been here. When I hear from you, I know you get me. I know I’m not alone. 
So thank you. Thank you friends. Thank you to those I only know online or through this nonsense I call writing. I’m completely grateful for you. I am your number one fan. 
~ Nonsense