You Are Just A Mom

There’s an age old phrase that needs to be lost from our conversation immediately. 

“I’m just a…”
There is no good end to this sentence. I was a stay at home mom for more than a decade. Almost two actually. So you can guess how many times I had the following conversation:
They say: what do you do? 
Me: oh, im just a mom. 
Why? Why would this ever be my response? Why would this be our response to any part of our lives if we know we are in God’s will? 

Is it because we let the world decide what is worthy? Is it because we don’t trust that God is really moving in the work we do? 
The bottom line is, God writes your story, my sweet friend. Every word is his if you let him in. Are you? Letting him in? 
Are you? In God’s will?
 If you don’t know, he says you need only to ask. He delights when you ask him for wisdom. Delights in your vulnerability in admitting you don’t know. Delights that you take the time to seek his take on any and everything in your life. 
I know I am called to be a mother. And not just someone who has kids. I mean I am called to train them up in THE way they should go, to pass along the real Jesus and all he did for my kids, to guide and govern and love and equip. 
Moms, this isn’t small. What about this is small?? What about this warrants a “just”? You know how we can be confident it isn’t about just being a mom? Because satan hates everything about it. If it didn’t matter he wouldn’t care. He would actually make you feel just fine with it all. 
The Word so clearly tells us the enemy’s plan. To steal. To kill. To destroy. That’s quite a game he’s running. And every time he gets us believing we are “just a mom,” he wins a tiny bit of us. Of our kids. 
So stop giving it up, your power. Because you have ALL the power. Jesus said so. We are in his wings. We are in the shelter of the most high place. We get to call out to God.
And we are called to create disciples. Which is the number one work Jesus did on this earth! He led in love and gently corrected when his disciples were off course. He taught them the love and safety of the father. He taught them to pray. He taught them to trust and to question. He taught them how to go out into the world and be fishers of men. 
So the next time you find yourself in that same old conversation of “what do you do?” 
You remember you are in the fight of your life and you tell them, “I’m raising the next generation.”