Working Wednesday Survival

In over your head? Working and being a wife, husband, parent? I’m dedicating Wednesdays on this here blog to survival tips.

 You can do it. I believe in you. Here’s the simplest tip I can ever offer. 
Ready for it? It’s deep. 
Keep a calendar. A family one in an often seen space and either a phone calendar or a paper traveling guy. I prefer the traveling guy. I’m a pencil it in (literally) girl, and my phone, while it sends reminders, doesn’t cement the event in my brain the way writing it down does. 
You can get fancy and color coordinate, but I use a pencil. Because I love a good sharp pencil. 
 And if I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of them. And I would get them cheap because pencils are on sale for like. A penny or something as its time for you know what. BTS. I’ll just leave it at that. 
Everyone’s events go on your calendar. Even if you don’t have to drive them or supply the money. Because chances are a kid is going to say “hey I’ve got such and such with so and so on when and then” and a few days will go by and you’ll be all “I would like to say yes to you but I have a strange feeling that I’ve got plans to do something or other with his and hers but I can’t remember where or when”. 
It’s the nature of this beast called raising children. And if your kids are little, revel in their calendar that is so fully under your control. 
No matter how old your kids are, save your sanity and invest in a really great calendar. A portable guy that holds a pencil. One that lays flat when you open it. One that zips and has pockets for tucking in receipts and paper scraps of vital information. One that holds post it notes like a boss. One that has a month at a glance AND a week by week calendar with enough room to write. 
I prefer ones that are time itemized through the day. 
Here are the things I write down:
Writing deadlines
My homework assignment schedule
My gym classes
Meals. Yes. My menu. 
When we will be eating left overs. 
When to send a birthday card so it gets ther in time.
Phone calls to make. 
Emails to send. 
My social media calendar.
My blog post plans
Meal prep party times
My kids’ events and clubs
And when my season tickets take me to a baseball game.  
Are you getting this? I write down everything. Even when it seems small. Because the more I get to shove out of my brain the less junk there is bouncing around in there. 
This Survival Tip Brought To You By, 
Stay sane.