Work it Sister

Week two schedule for getting that booty busted. Get your leg warmers on and get to getting.

 (As is typical, when following a new exercise plan, check with your doctor and know your limits)
A few notes: My running app is excellent, and worth the $2.99 price. Those of you who want to bypass this option, just do a jog/walk alternating session. I like to walk for one minute, run for two until my 30 minutes are up.

**Details on the full body plank can be found here

Running App- 30 minutes with quick but thorough stretch
5 pushups- girl’s, boy’s, whatevers- just do 5
10 minute for real stretching (get your bendy on)

Running App- 30 minutes
10 minute stretch
30 second full body plank**

We call this day recovery. Drink your water. Eat your protein. Get a massage. Take a bath. Let your muscles heal.

Running App- 30 minutes
Five for Five:
5 pushups
5 squats- watch yourself in the mirror and make sure your weight is in your heels
5 minute yoga stretch-really bendy. This will make all the difference.


Running App- 30 minutes
One hour workout video- I choose The Dailey Method, and it’s amazing. Trust me. Do you trust me?

Stay strong little roots. You can do this!