Why I Like Mike #gazillion

When you’ve been in a relationship with the same person for 22 years, things can get stale. I mean, look. I’ve been with the same dude longer in my life than I’ve lived without him! 

I’m tempted to say that’s just crazy, but it’s not. It’s love. It’s choosing. It’s knowing everything I know about him, and facing him square shouldered because he knows every single thing about me. And choosing him. Every time. 
I’ll be real. Sometimes we are butt holes. Like full on jerk faces to each other. But you know what hooked me into this guy from day one? 
He tells me no. 

I was something like just about to turn 17. Big hair down to there. Peace necklace around my neck, a striped tee shirt and boys button fly jeans, both favorite finds from the thrift store by my house. 

We were sitting in photography class. HIS photography class. Not mine. I was supposed to be in physiology. But I ditched every day because I had to see about a boy. And I can’t even remember what I wanted, but I wanted something or I wanted him to do something, and you know what that sir jerk face said to me?? 
He told me no. 
I would pay $100 to see my face. It’s probably the first time anyone really dared to tell me no.
 I have always been this sassy and sure. When you’re sassy and sure, people believe you. 
When you are sitting in a group and you’re a born leader, people want to follow you. 
And when you’re the youngest of four, the only girl, and your big brothers aren’t scared to get a bit scrappy, people most often tell you yes for fear they’ll end up on the wrong end of a knuckle sandwich. 
It was the worst and best minute of my life. No one likes to be told no, but that guy? I don’t think I could have wanted him more. I knew I had met my match. And I knew I was going to marry him. 

He’s the best, that Mike Brewer. Even if he still tells me no. 
This week, we are passing a milestone in our life. A major one. We are bringing our baby girl to college. 
We’ve blinked and suddenly. I hate suddenly. I want more of him and me and our favorite kid moments. 
Monday, we are taking a slow drive home to remember those days when it was just us. It will be photography class all over again when we forgot anyone else existed. 
I asked if we could stop by a lighthouse. And you know what that guy said!! 
He said yes.