Why He is Called The Man

So, once again, my husband is amazing. He worked so hard for the last three weeks to complete a crash course fire fighter’s academy. He graduated Friday, and I was left overwhelmed with how God works, not only giving me a man who is simply someone to be proud of at every turn, but God also knew how much we would love being here. As it turns out, we are small town people. Here are some pics of the big event.
This is my kids getting a tour of the fire fighters’ museum. Old hoses, turn outs, and fantastic pictures of the city back in the day when horses pulled their water tanks to the fire. The only real let down was the tour guide telling Samuel that he could not jump out of the building onto one of the old school trampolines used to catch people as they jump out a burning building.

And this is Samuel communicating with the machine that will now tell us where to find the last golden ticket and exactly what we can do with a life time supply of chocolate.

Old turn outs. Super cool.

Last time Eli pinned his Daddy. This time Layla Grace asked if she could do the honors. So sweet.

The Man. He is truly a good lookin’ man.

This is the fire engine The Man will be riding in. ‘Cause he is awesome.

And this is Samuel and the best present he has ever received. I sort of want to buy him a box of these for Christmas. Sort of.

And this is Sam telling his new friend all about it.