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This morning I could scarcely eat a whole banana. I was sick the past few weeks and the effects won’t seem to release me. It’s not all bad. Not eating a whole meal helps a girl fit into her skinny jeans a tiny bit better. Except, now I am left thinking ridiculous thoughts like, “Why are these so baggy? What if I lost all the muscles I’ve been earning at the gym? Who even goes a whole day without eating a banana? Should I buy new pants?” 

My inner dialogue takes two paths. I’m either running from one lane of nonsensical thoughts, or I am fighting. The fighting makes me exhausted, but the more time I spend in the nonsense, the more I find I am facing the fight of my life. Inevitably, I begin to think of my identity. My motivations for who I am and how I live. 

This has always been the enemy’s greatest fixation in my life. What do I do in those times? Sometimes, I turn on music to drown him out. Sometimes I give in and believe his crap. But every once in a while, I remember who God says I am. 

He says, “You are whole. Because of me and what I did, you get to be whole. Why won’t you take it?”

How does a girl even answer that question?