Wheelin’ and Dealin’

In keeping with my efforts to procrastinate my homework assignment as close to its due date as possible, I made a list for the grocery store and took my five children there. I do not recommend this. To know why click HERE. BUT, today I was feeling frisky. I woke a good two hours before I normally do on the weekend, (HA or any other day if we’re being Frank) and we were accomplishing much on our errand outing. I had my coupons and list, so we headed for Smith’s for their 10 for $10 sale. We got a silly amount of things that filled three shopping carts to the brim and bursting. We paid an average of $2 per item, which I realize isn’t nearly as amazing as those couponing ladies, but considering I bought great cereal, organic milk, Naked Juice (cause who puts clothes on juice?!), toothpaste, Cheezits, a mega pack of multi-vitamin gummies, sunscreen, a year’s supply of Bounce dryer sheets, and barely anything else that was under $2 to begin with, I would say that is some smooth wheelin’ and dealin’. Next time I will be better prepared with coupons, but I am coupon newbie, so I don’t yet have that stash to pull from. I DO however have a ‘stache, so maybe I will get a waxing with the money I saved.