What Was That?

I hear singing. My six year old son is singing Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth. It’s from her show on broadway. Oh. You aren’t familiar? Ha. Well my son is. Give him a ring and he will sing it to you.

I hear giggling. My kids are headed to bed. We don’t always hear happiness during this process. And frankly I can’t decide what is better. If they are sad, the don somber scowls and hide their faces in a pillow. We don’t hear from them until morning. But when they are giggling, it means they are more hyper than I hoped for. They squeal and bang, on what? I don’t have these answers. I just hear more banging when they are happy. I suppose, now that I write this, I prefer the happy. Because at least they fall asleep with smiles on their faces. Those are the nights I walk in to find my 11 year old son snuggling his little brother even though they have two perfectly legitimate mattresses. And my youngest son snuggling a hanger. You know the ones? With the velvet so nothing slips off? It’s as it should be: a boy and his brother and his brother’s hanger.

I hear heavy sighs. Izzy is a high schooler. She has high school duties. That means bigger duties. Better duties. She takes it all seriously. She is going to sigh a little more when she realizes I am going to bed. But the thing is I am just so tired. I don’t drink enough water, so my belly aches, and I am tired. My self control couldn’t fill a bottle cap. Yesterday I drank four cups of coffee. No water. Just coffee and a lot of it. Don’t look at me. I am ashamed.