What Matters Right Now Is Summer

I’ve decided only to go with the things that matter. 

Tuesday lake day all summer. That matters. We brought a thrown together lunch from the makings of our pantry and I purchased vines: red and black. We vegged all day and took away no regrets. Not even one little letter. 

Sleeping in. I’m going with sleeping until my body doesn’t want to be asleep anymore. I’m not a morning person. None of my clowns are. We like the nightlife, baby. It’s when we are at our best. So, it’s ten and I’m in bed. I’ll find pants when it’s a more appropriate time. 

Dinner plans. I’m making them. We are eating healthy and inviting others to join us. We have even received a few invites back! Nothing says friends like sharing a meal. 

Flops. Who even invented close toed shoes? He should be sent to the Americas. 

Jeans. My jeans stay the same no matter how hot it seems to get. It’s just my shirt sleeves that shrink. 
Outside days. A hike. A jaunt to the park. Some lounging in the backyard with a good book. These are the things that have to happen sometimes. 

Indoor days. Watching a movie marathon or crafting up a storm. Sometimes indoor days with a blasting air conditioner and a hoodie have to happen. 

The drive in. I’m embracing it. Maybe I will even stay awake for a movie. 

My favorite little punks. When you don’t have neighborhood friends it gets a bit tricky to have summer. I’m driving them to invites and dragging them along to the good times we choose for the day. So far this summer has been perfectly delightful. 

We want to embrace every second. I’ve busted out the video camera, and we are leaning into the sweaty pits and farmers markets. This summer will be so short that by the time we unwind it’s going to be time to gear up. Well no thank you. We are getting to it. Embrace it, people. Who’s going with me?!