What Did You Do This Week?

I did this.

I finished my schooling at Grand Canyon University. I love learning, and I am so grateful that God saw fit to allow me to accomplish both of my degrees, but my goodness I am thrilled to be finished.
My biggest problem now is putting my priorities back together. This is a challenge for me. Especially after doing 13 hours of homework on Saturday to finish my assignments before Thanksgiving, I feel I may have broken my brain.

  • First priority holidays. Normally by now we have done some family activity to express our thanks and help others, I have completed my shopping, and we are planning our month of December full of memorable outings or hours in front of the television watching Hallmark movies. I am behind. My schedule I mean.

We are traveling for Thanksgiving, which means I don’t have to host, which means I don’t have to clean, which is why I am typing here instead of cleaning. OK that isn’t the only reason, and we both know it. BUT that will change upon our return.
My once organized rental house has begun to feel the sting of clutter. It isn’t insurmountable, but it’s gotta go. Plus, it’s a great time to sell things on Craig’s List. People need presents; I need less stuff. We go together.

  • Next is exercise. I feel the namer of exercise did us all a serious injustice by not having this word begin with an “f”. It would make me feel better to call it an “F-word.” Anyway, I need to be doing it. And eating healthier. It must be done. The noises my 35 year old body now make when I- well, do ANYthing are rude. 
  • Finally, hobbies. I have five that I want to reintroduce in abundance. 
    • My camera. I haven’t taken nearly enough photos this year, which is sad because it was a landmark year. (Can a year be a landmark? Well, it was.)
    • My guitar. My sweet Rosalie. We will be together again. I will set goals to master you.
    • Scrapbooking. I love it. I really, really love it. I miss it.
    • Books. Some new friends invited me to join their book club. I am thrilled. 
    • Showering. Gone are the days of choosing between homework, eating, cleaning, and showering. With homework taking most of that time, I should be freer in my choices.

I am excited for new seasons that have nothing to do with the weather. Seasons that have much more to do with my husband, my children, settling in, and, frankly, myself. Who knows, maybe San Deigo will get to see The Man and I attempt our first half-marathon after all. Or maybe I will make him take me to Hawaii.