Do you ever feel like you can’t squeeze enough relaxing in, so you become frenzied and so need a vacation from your problems? I wish we could all get in a car and drive for two weeks before we land in Lake Winnipesaukee. We could stop at every interesting dot on the map and call it homeschooling.
My Friday was free of work, free of responsibilities really. We went to the pumpkin patch, ran into friends, rushed home to drop people off, ran to Ross to plead with God to let us find a dress for our date night, screeched home to get ready, and then headed out on our date. Best night. Best friends. Favorite hubby. Art gallery when we know the artist. Just great times.

Saturday was much of the same. Up early for a moms only birthday breakfast, drive across town for an appointment, walk around Guitar Center and kill time while friend drives back across town because your appointment was much shorter than you anticipated. Then costumes, costumes, and more costumes. Then make dinner, make a friend dinner, bring a friend dinner, feed a brother’s dog. Rush home to get kids fed and in bed and crash into your pillow.

So, when Sunday got here, I took God up on his brilliant idea and said no to all of it. I did have to get to church early because it was my morning to sing. I’ll show up early any day if it means worship is on the agenda. It’s my favorite. More so than sugar. But when I got home, I sat. I vegged. I listened to my favorite sounds. I captured pictures of children carving pumpkins. I turned on my computer screen and wrote report cards while singing along to my favorite songs on my iPod. I chatted all the while with good friends and thought nothing of politics or should be doings or cleaning.

Now it’s ten, and I am about to jump on the bus to New Hampshire and get this vacation on the road. Bob Wiley, you are brilliant. Truly. Baby steps, untie your knots.

I am already looking forward to next weekend.