Week 5: Remarkable Housewives-Martha, Martha, Martha

I can’t read about Martha’s story without switching into my adolescent little sister voice and chanting “Martha, Martha, Martha” (think Brady Bunch). I’ve honestly taken Martha as always a bit whiney. But here’s the thing.

Acts of service is like my least cared about love language. It’s not that I like filth. But I am perfectly happy with a mostly straightened house and a rotisserie chicken thrown out with some crackers, cheese, and a sliced apple. You’ll notice I won’t have cooked any of these things. But I will pull a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies out of my freezer for you if you visit. It’s how I roll.

I struggle to relate with Martha. I really do. Because, girl. Jesus is sitting in your house. Grab your cheese and crackers and have a seat. Wine all around. Pick a dessert one to go with the cookies, and you’ll be the winningest hostess ever.

For me it comes down to the idea that I am always looking for reasons to be finished with chores. Jesus is a valid excuse. Imma sit right down and have myself a tea.

We host Taco Tuesday in our house once a month. It’s easy. If you want a quick tutorial check out my video.

But really we just open our house to whomever says they are part of our village. Or wants to be. Coaches, teachers, friends, friends’ parents, principals, neighbors, co-workers, wanna be girlfriends, I-wanna-date-your-son friends, etc. Anyone. Even our exterminator has shown up. I will say that we share the load of work: housecleaning, cooking, cutting, etc. And if you are a guest and you show up early, I am going to put you to work. But most of it falls on my shoulders. And I ain’t even mad, I just figured out how to streamline it all, so it’s less for me to do.

I think Martha’s issue was less about trying to overdo her service to Jesus. Her heart was to love her Lord and service is how she knew to do it. Hospitality is actually a spiritual gift. Did you know that? My husband has it in spades.

Me? If I invite you to my house you can go ahead and assume that I am fine with you getting your own water. And I won’t remember to ask if you want it. So, survival of the fittest, my friend.

So it isn’t that Martha shouldn’t have been trying to feed her guests. But she needs some balance. As Hollis says, “homegirl needs to slow her roll.”

How about you? What was your big take away from this week? Help me understand her better.

Did you feel like you need to dive deeper with Martha? A friend of mine wrote a book in solidarity of all the Martha’s ever made. It’s called Made Like Martha.

Meet you here next week. Our FINAL week with these Remarkable Housewives of the Bible.

One thought on “Week 5: Remarkable Housewives-Martha, Martha, Martha”

  1. Yum tacos😍

    Martha didn’t makes sense to me either. If Jesus shows up I’ll be the first to put down everything for him. But I suspect from previous friend conversations and reading past journals I was a Martha.
    I think (literally just a thought because I don’t now that woman I was). I think it was because it was partly showing love, partly if my house is clean and I’m serving up ps and qs then they won’t ever leave. Not in a creepy stalker way but it was a guarantee of love. Fake false love but it was love
    Maybe Martha didn’t know she was loved deep deep down. Dirty dishes,house and hair.

    I feel like I have done this this week. Matt’s came home and he’s like this house is full of free expression 😂
    His way of saying dang we need to clean soon.
    My response yep Jesus came again today haha
    But really I have been just laying there talking to him, listening kind of sort of doing mostly talking haha
    But it’s easy for me to lay it all down for him.
    I am definitely not a Martha.
    But bless those who are. May they find that balance and peace to sit with Jesus.

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