Today I…

Woke up at 6:27am. No reason. Just did it. I have a wild side.
Went back to sleep at 6:28am. WILD I tell ya.
Woke a few minutes later to my husband’s first alarm signaling his wake up call for his first day of work.
Woke a few minutes later to my husband’s SECOND alarm signaling his wake up call for his first day of work.
Slept til 10am when I had to force myself to get out of bed as my belly was so hungry my button was rubbing a hole in my backbone (this is how I speak now. I live in Idaho).
Opened my iPhone Bible app.
Closed my iPhone Bible app.
Opened my game apps and played Words With Friends with pals across the nation.
Made myself half of a bagel and a cup of coffee and ate
Dragged my body into decent clothes and fought with my internet connection to print the information I needed for the applications I planned to submit today
Wrestled with my wireless printer. It got ugly, but I put him in a full nelson and made him call me mamma
Drove to Boise to pick up fingerprint cards
Drove to Meridian to be fingerprinted
Drove back to Boise to turn in my application for my teaching license and sub license
Drove to Nampa, the city in which I now live
Stopped by Target for necessities like Playdoh
Ran into Best Buy to exchange my iPod car player as the previous one was beneath me.
Made a pretty delish dinner-Ground turkey stroganoff, broccoli with a hint of cheddar, and garlic bread.
Signed up for milk man delivery service. Do I look like I am kidding? I am giddy as a school girl!! My husband is a little concerned on several levels.
Ate ice cream in my neighbor’s driveway whilst getting to know her. Her name is Jessica. She has three small kids, several family members who live on our very street, and  husband that is often away for work. I like her. We will be walking buddies starting tomorrow night. By Wednesday we will be jogging buddies because walking takes too long.
Hung out with my family. I like them.
Put my kids to bed at 11, which is not at all appropriate.
Planned how to get them in bed earlier tomorrow.