Thoughts at Odds

You know what matters? My memories. 

Do you know what doesn’t? Money. 
Don’t worry; this won’t be one of those money hating posts. I love the stuff. I grab some any chance I get, but there has to be a minute that we stop and consider the pros and cons of the life we are creating for ourselves (not to be confused with what God has for us). 
There are some things at odds in my head. I used to know how each theoretical gift weighed out on my mental scale, but I’ve found the balance tipping a bit, and I don’t understand my own thoughts anymore. What I mean is, I think my mind is changing of its own accord. 
I would rather spend ten minutes snuggling and catching up on my daughter’s day than have a break in my day. 
Laughter over money. 
Freedom and light shoulders over one more shopping spree. 
Five minutes listening to Samuel tell a joke rather than catching up on my Instagram. 
And these steps lead to further steps which lead to. You guessed it. More steps. Pretty soon I’ve stepped so far from that silly wasted life that I can’t remember what held me there in the first place. 
I want to be the kind of wife and mother who can truly say she has no regrets. Of course I plan to make mistakes, and I’m not willing to give up arguing with my husband because the making up is just too worth it. But I won’t regret them. I want to lean and grow and perceive and change and grasp meaning. I want to replace the wasted time away and pour deeper in to the relationships I have. I’m so abundantly blessed with a loyal, loving, and kind man. My kids? Forgettuh boutit. We are five matches made in heaven. Literally. My parents? Friends? Pastors? All precious gifts. 
This month, when love is in the air and chocolate is hiding in my pocket, I aim to be intentional about people knowing just what they mean to me. And I want to show them in a way that matters to them. I plan to take the time to find out what tht means and then follow up with an action. 
Words, Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, Touch. These five major ways of communicating are my focus this month. 
How can you show you love someone?