This is the Day

After a string of incredibly busy days, we are wrapping up graduation junction with a trip to Las Vegas. My father is turning 60 at the end of this summer, so we are headed down early for some quality conversation and hugs. 

We are taking him out to an amazing place just outside of Vegas called Spring Mountain Ranch where the Super Summer Theatre performers will put on The Music Man. We will bring dinner and celebration dessert and lay out in our cozies under the stars. It will be a nice break from the heat. 
We are also going to visit one of my besties and her little family. I say little because her people are short. Preschool, toddler, and one month old. Thems short. I am going to do my best not to squeeze that littlest peanut too hard. I might make her mamma sign a waiver exempting me from responsibility. After all, I didn’t make her so cute!!
We also get to catch up with The Baldwins and their newly adopted daughter who already makes me giggle. 
Beyond these plans, I got nothing. I just want to be in the water and shade and air conditioning. 
I’ll post pics, but don’t be alarmed if we look like we are melting. Vegas is on the border of hell, so it’s to be expected. 
Ps. Maybe we will eat salsa and guacamole as well. Probably. Yes. Actually. Yes. That will happen.