Things That Make Me Cry. Every. Time

Singing God’s name: Yahweh- Thanks Chris Tomlin for putting it to a catchy tune.

The National Anthem: Seriously. Every time. It’s my favorite part of every event. Olympic years I set records for the number of tissues this house sees.

A teaching on Joshua: Our hearts are linked. Some day a Joshua will live in this house. Even if he goes by another name. And he will have hair not totally unlike mine. And he will come with a nice tan. (Dear Africa, please send your babies here. Sparks, Nevada.)

When the pastor cries: Boys crying= really serious. Even if I haven’t been paying any attention to what they have been saying the previous 30 minutes. I hear a hitch in their get up and I am a blubbering fool.

How about you? What brings you to a quivering lip?