The Things You Learn

Through all of this lay off crapola (yes, it is a word. Look it up. If it isn’t there, get a new dictionary.) I have realized a few things about myself:

I do not like to exercise or keep to my schedule (hence my load of laundry, my list of books read, and my once again chubby belly. BAH)

Also, I am an emotional eater (hence, my chubby belly and the ever growing pile o junk food)

Finally, I use hence more often. hence.

To stick to my plan of yelling (in my mind) SUCK IT SATAN as often as possible, I am going to continue training for this half-marathon. Today, I am attempting five miles. This is ambitious in a way I cannot clearly convey because A) I run like Phoebe (please see above) 2) I haven’t done more than a mile at a time in the last month and D) Running is boring. GAH!

UPDATE: I ran a mile and my treadmill broke. Great. Awesome. Stupid.