The Neighbor.. Again

I am considering making Dillan a regular on my blog. That kid is a hoot. Like a really funny owl. He knocked on my door when the kids and I were gone, and only The Man was home. Remember when Dillan is nine?

The Man: Hey Dillan; what’s up?

Dillan: Hey. Can Eli play?

The Man: No, sorry. He isn’t home right now.

Dillan (pauses): Are you guys moving to Washington?

The Man: Well, it’s a possibility.

Dillan (with the straightest face EVER): Like, how much? What’s the percentage?

The Man (stifles giggle in the face of the most serious 9yo in the world): Uhm, I can’t really say, Dillan. We just have to wait and see.

Dillan: Why don’t you guys move to Sacramento? At least if you move to Sacramento I can see Elijah when I visit my grandma in the summer.

The Man: Well, I have applied there too; maybe we’ll get lucky.

Dillan: What are the chances? Can you give me a percentage.

The Man (clearly bested by a child): I just don’t know, Buddy.

Dillan: Why are you guys moving anyway?

The Man: Well, I lost my job. I got laid off. So, I have to go somewhere that can give me a job.

Dillan after a VERY heavy sigh: See, this is why I hate the government.

The Man: Me too, Buddy. Me too.