The Apps That Bring The Sanity: Working Mom Survival

I work just like 68 jobs. Ok. That’s a farce, but sometimes I feel like I do. Anytime you have to work outside of the home on top of your already full-time Momming job, you are gonna be tired. You are going to need some support.

When a mom takes a job outside of the home, she doesn’t suddenly become a part time mom. Actually she becomes certifiable. So here are a few apps I’ve got on the ready to make me handle this Olympic level of multitasking just a little more smoothly. With panache even.  #whensthelasttimeyouheardthatword #maybethelasttimeyouheardthewordslacks #orworethongs #onyourfeet

These work for moms of any employment situation. img_4062

Instagram. Just forget about it. It’s where I like to handle my business, where I go to get the only sort of face time I can get with a lot of my family and friends, and it’s just classy. Don’t you think. Like Target. You never have to wonder if someone is going to show up wearing house shoes and sheer sparkly tights for pants.

And it’s more than just a check out place-which I will be honest and say sometimes I hop on there for a solid 3 minutes and pretend I live near Riverside Park in New York and any minute some rich bookstore owner is going to send me  bouquet of sharpened pencils on account of my quippy banter. Nope. This is the place I find encouraging words and moms going through it. I find beautiful photos that fill my soul. I run across scripture and really great quotes that I write in permanent Sharpy on my hand, so I can burn the image into my brain. It’s where I get to come face to face with the mammas who are my village. You.

Hootsuite. So this one may not apply to all of you, but really, if you are a mamma and you want to be on social media, you just gotta do it so it works around your family and not the other way. When your whole business is online, and your school is online, and your teaching grading platform is all online that last thing you want to do is be glued to your phone once you get home from a hard day’s work. So I very often use Hootsuite. This guy connects to your social medias and you can set up all your posts at once for the day, the week, whatev. This is a life saver, because when I get home we still have homework and dinner to be had. There’s laundry and there’s at least two kids looking for face time with their mamma. But there are things you need to see. There are moments I want to share.

Twitter. I hate the news. Seriously it gets under my skin, it reels me in, and it takes my emotions to the top and bottom of the roller coaster that sometimes there really is vomit. It just gets to be too much, so I’ve skipped it for at least two decades. So, Twitter has been a place I go to get in the know. You know? I follow the New York Times, Edutopia, and Twitter bosses like Beth Moore. Yes the news is still there, but it’s short and sweet, and I am never forced to sit through an anchorman with eyebrows I can’t even keep up with.

Finally, Pinterest. Oh don’t get me started on the waste of time that can be had on this app. So, I suggest you pace yourselves. However, this app has changed us. My whole house. I can find clothes, recipes for my seriously sad list of allergies, really necessary coffee mugs that should already be in my life, movie quotes (I want all of them. I want to know all the movie quotes. Speak movie quote to me.) Plus. It’s where I can post this article and find others with broken in, sage advice from other working moms and stay at home moms and kidless moms. Yah. Those exist. I was partially raised by several.

Do you have some apps that are saving your life? We need to know. Share the love. Tell me! Tell me!

See you soon,