The All Time Angst

You know those nights when your dinner was good but not enough substance to carry to morning? When you eat too early or too light or dang it you’re just hungry. 

I’m having one of these minutes. I ate. I even ate at a normal dinner hour: 6:30. But when you eat at a football banquet they give you an unabashed stink eye if you even look like you’re going to ask about wheat free, allergy friendly menu items. There isn’t an allergy friendly section. There isn’t even a menu. Take your styrofoam plate with those little hilly dividers, grab your dinner roll, handle your plastic ware, and just pick those croutons out of your heavily dressed Caesar salad yourself. 
Fine. But may I please sneak a bite of that cheesecake? Oh. You saw that, did you? You noticed me sneak a cheesecake bite when I was standing in line for dinner? Huh. Interesting. What’s that you say? The dessert line wasn’t quite open yet? Hmm. Well. In that case, I took two pieces of cheesecake when your back was turned. 
I’m still hungry. I think I’ll try some ice cream.