Thankful Thursday

For what am I thankful??? What kind of question is this? Let me count the ways on this precious fall day:

  1. The Man: I haven’t exactly been myself since I began my career. I have been a career woman for about ten weeks. That’s all. Ten measly weeks. In that time, my husband has done more laundry, more dinner making, more baby hugs, more children taxiing than ever. I don’t like that he has had to do so much, but I am so grateful that he is capable. I can’t even imagine what my hair would look like (straight, frizzled, grizzly) if he was one of those guys that can’t function. 
  2. My new red blanket: Don’t tell my husband. I bought a snuggly new quilt at The Walmarts. It’s red and green and cream and plaid. So many of my most favorite things all wrapped into one soft, fluffy goodness.
  3. The weather: It’s agonna snow!!!!! After a lifetime in a city with no snow, and a year in a state that wouldn’t know snow if it bit it in the pan handle, I am looking forward to our first snowfall. I am Lorelei Gilmore. I can smell the snow. I can feel it. I want to go take a walk.

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The Fontenot Four