Thankful Through My Senses

I was thinking of making my list of what makes me thankful this year of 2011. There is much, truly. Here is a quick, condensed version based on my senses.
Hear: I am thankful when I hear my husband’s jeep coming around the corner. Not only that he has a car to drive, but a job to come home from, and no doubt a smooch waiting to be planted on every one of us.
See: I am thankful to look around my house and see we are trading in the old hand me downs for meaningful, better fitting furniture. My green piano, my cozy couches, my rustic with a touch of country entertainment center. 
Smell: Fireplaces burning which means it is time for snuggling and baking and crafting and holidays.
Taste: Coffee. The end.
Feel: My children’s kisses and hugs and snuggles and attempts at being human blankets. 
I am grateful.