Thankful This Day

“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Why is it that we forget to take time to be thankful in the seemingly little things such as breath, another day to hug our babies, a heater in our car, a roof with no holes and not made out of cardboard? We only notice these things when they are gone: Breath, baby hugs, heater, shingled roof. Not only do we notice when they are suddenly (or gradually) missing, but we get offended at the idea that anyone would DARE take what is so rightfully ours.

I do not want to be this person. Taking the time to smell the roses isn’t enough if we forget to say thanks for them. Having a harvest party in my kindergarten class isn’t enough if we forget to stop and tell the Lord thank you for the farmers, their families, their sacrifice. I am grateful for the weather. Without it, all of it, there would be considerably less food.

Lord, keep me from feeling entitled, even to my breath. I don’t deserve one more. Thank you for the hugs I get to have this day. For the friends who are coming. For the friends who have been here already. For the besties that sharpen my iron. For the words you choose to share through me. For the life I have still to live to bring you the glory I get in the way of. Thank you for how you protect me from my fears. Help me to remember you are good whether you bring those fears to my doorstep or not. Help me never say, “You are a good God if I never have to go through the scary.” Help me to say, “You are God even when I do.”

Amen. The end.