Teenager Book Reads

I read. A lot. And I read teen-lit because I love it. Writers of teen books have to be exceptional writers because teenagers have way more free time options than the good ole days. 

“You want me to put down my phone? This better be worth it!” 
And they are. So whether you’re looking for a good read for a teenager, or you realize you are worth exceptional authorship here are a few recommendations. 

Oh Francine, Francine Rivers. There is a real life challenge in each of her fiction books. She throws a mean gauntlet. This is a trilogy. Read it. 

Another trilogy worth your time. The average human is known to read these books in three days once they come to the realization that showers, food, and others mean nothing compared to Katniss! Solidarity sister. 

This book may be life changing for a girl who struggles with her identity. So. You know. All girls. I’m hoping to use it in a book club with a group of high school girls at my church. It’s a non-fiction. Well played, Laura. 

Currently listening to this book. For years I refused to look this book in the eye. Creepy girl levitating? No thanks. But I saw it’s going to be a movie soon, and I had a road trip. so. I looked it straight in the eye. With my eye. And took a leap. 

I’m so glad I did. The story so far is riveting. I listen in my bed when my husband thinks I’m sleeping. I mean, he’s fine with it. Or I assume so because he’s snoring when it’s happening. 
The only problem with that is the laughing. I have laughed out loud several times. The main character is a 16 year old boy who has an Olympic level of sarcasm and whit. Out loud laughter. The audiobook is great. 
Here are a few books on my “To Read” list. 

Anyone read these last three? Have any favorites on your list?
Happy reading!