Summer Road Trip

Las Vegas
Mon 20 Jun – Sat 25 Jun

Stopped at wendy’s for fries and frosties. YUMO

Day 1 – Through The Desert

Monday, June 20, 2011

So sleepy. The Man just left on a two week long work trip. I am praying I have to drive to Panaca, NV to retrieve him early because Nampa calls and asks hi to report to work.

Fingers crossed. Prayers on my lips.

The kids and I have to wrangle up a few last minute things for the trip, and I will be loading up on coffee before we head out on our trip to Vegas. Excited to see friends. Excited to leave when our trip is over. Should I be looking forward to that already?

Our trip was fairly smooth- no real tears, no punishments, no throwing up. Good times all around.

We are leaving behind a house full of boxes.

Best buy to get accessories!

Boring. Really boring.

The boys amuse themselves as they wait for the gir

I came Soooo close to winning the big money! Sadly

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