Summer Road Trip

Las Vegas
Mon 20 Jun – Sat 25 Jun
Today was full of swimming and laughter and children. I feel a little like miss hanigan. Speaking of, remember when my only request on this trip was to go to spring mt. Ranch and the show is sold out for all of June? My heart is sad.

Day 2 – Day Two On The Alien Planet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
The heat is for real as it turns out. Headaches and sleep induced comas are happening. As luck would have it, our old church’s VBS is this week so we signed up the little kids- everyone except Izzy, is apparently too mature  it lasts all week and ends with a carnival on friday night! We took a dip in the pool and are now being vegetables at the Russo Inn.

Addison is learning to swim!
We love the Russos very much!
Layla grace spent the entire pool time practicing
Bored out of my eyeballs writing a paper on the st

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