Summer Numbers

34- the number of days since I posted a blog

7- days we’ve been on summer break

1-times I’ve been able to harvest from my super cute garden 

5- number of my babies who are currently snuggled on my couch

1- the number of camping trips I’ve been on this summer break. 

17- mosquito bites from said camping trip

2- how many times I’ve watched the new Beauty and the Beast in the last two weeks

2- the number of books I’ve read on this summer break

10- the number of chapters fully completed in my book

10- chapters I still need to write

62- times I’ve thought about working out

1- times I have actually worked out in the last 62 days

1- number of classes left in my master’s program. 

164774627- number of sighs. 

4- number of days I was completel without cell service. I’m home now. I missed you all.