Summer 2016

It’s shaping up around here. Every summer has its own vibe, do you ever feel that way? Last year was my first summer break ever as a teacher. Isn’t that crazy? 

I wallowed in sweats and shorts and coffee and books and books and books. And the lake. And books. It was so great. Much snuggling ensued. 
This year, we are just a week in, and we’ve gone camping once, and I’ve done homework and been on my phone way too much. Way. Too. Much. 
And when I’m not on my phone, I’m in front of the tv. And when I’m not in front of the tv, you guessed it, I’m in front of my computer. 

It’s fine. I gave myself a week to check out and relax after what can only be described as the most emotional and hectic end of a school year. Ever. 

I won’t even begin to describe it because it will all sound like excuses anyway. And they are. Lame excuses. I never want my kids to describe me as “always on her phone.” 
Don’t be fooled. That’s a legacy some people are going to leave. That’s going to be a truth about our generation if we aren’t careful. 
My work as a mom and wife are important. I can be Kathleen Kelly and live a small but valuable life. And I may be no Esther, but I can be assured that I have been created for such a time as this. With these sweet faces right before me. With this handsome devil of a husband. 

Don’t let the minutes slip because we only have 18 Christmases with these minions. 
Am I alone in this? My screen addiction?  Anyone else catch themselves with one eye on the screen while spending time with family? 
Do you know science tells us that if we are behind a screen we can’t send our memories happening beyond the screen into our hippocampus? That means that if I am scrolling instagram while at the beach with my kids, I don’t get to remember my kids at the beach. In this moment. 
I want my hippocampus loaded with what fills my heart. And because I believe in this so fully, I am asking for accountability. You heard me. 

When you see me on my phone when it’s clear I don’t need to be, please say something. Be as blunt as you’d like. I can take it. In fact, my hard head won’t let me take it any other way. 
Here are some wording options:
Hey, pretty lady, get off your phone. 
Oh, hey. Remember when you asked me to tell you to get off your phone? Well. Get off your phone. 
And my favorite,
Your mom called. She said get off your phone. 
I appreciate you all.