Spring Days

Spring around here is chock-a-bock full. It makes my head swim. There’s not a year that has gone by that I haven’t stopped and suddenly realized I am barely treading water. This year is no different. 

It’s mostly good stuff, really. I mean except that I have the added stress of losing my primary income in a couple weeks and the added hours of updating resumes, filling out 25 page applications (no joke), and gathering old information. We have moved so much that providing seven years worth of addresses is really a pain in my nuggets. I don’t retain such information. 
But three out of four birthdays have passed. My anniversary was celebrated with a few fits of giggles and happy hearts (and a tattoo). Spring break was a long time coming and well worth my pantless time. And Easter has now been celebrated with family and singing and eggs and turkey sandwiches. We went light this year. 
Baseball is in full swing and track starts today. Ballet recitals are around the corner. 
Still on the books? I don’t even want to say. I can’t even talk about it. I won’t. I’ve decided to cancel anyway, so is it even worth mentioning? 
My baby. My first born. My loin fruit. She is turning 16 on Wednesday. SAY IT AIN’T SO! 

I’ll say it. It’s not happening. We are going a different direction. We are moving this company along a different route. We are reanalyzing. It just isn’t in our best interest. 

Sometimes I wish life worked that way. But the fact is, I’ve now been a mamma for nearly 17 years. From the minute that little peanut showed up in my belly. I’ll never forget how much I was almost not glad to know her because I went to get dressed and my favorite pants wouldn’t button. 
Isabelle Rose. How dare you? BUT. if we are focusing on the good times, there have been more than a few. 
Movie quotes
Japanese speaking at the age of two. 
Dislocated elbows before you turned one. 
Movie quotes
Hours of Gilmore Girls
Letting me call you loin fruit
The Breakfast Club
Realizing why you hated Easter egg hunts. 
Beaches with blankets, jeans, sweatshirts, and books. Screw you sunshine. Go sell crazy someplace else. 
Disneyland and mermaids with huge tails. 
Murdering “sea turtles” at Newport Beach. 

Honestly this weird list could go on forever. But the fact is, I’ve got a girl who stole my heart 16 years ago. I’ve not fully recovered since. Happy birthday baby girl. You give weird a good name.