Specifically Speaking

Sometimes I get so convoluted with words and noises and confusion that I don’t hear what’s being graciously whispered into my ear repeatedly. I know He is whispering, but I can’t make out the words. I know what you are thinking. “She hears voices? I am out.”

But the truth is sometimes God will talk, and if we catch him mumbling, it’s probably because we are too busy and focused on all the wrong things to take a minute and ask for clarity. Not just clarity. Confirmation and understanding.
So, he’s been mumbling (aka I haven’t been listening really) and it wasn’t until I spewed advice that I realized where I heard that awesome advice before. God said it.

To me.

Right in my ear.

And I didn’t comprehend his words, only that he was speaking.

So not only am I a bad listener, but I also do not obey. And I steal God’s advice for myself and pawn it off with a straight face like I am Dr Leo Marvin looking for a ground breaking new book (please watch What About Bob. It’s for the children).

I am full of it.


Happy ending? Today is a good day to start tuning in and looking up.

Just try it. See what you notice. Tell me what you hear.