Sometimes I confuse even myself

Do you ever look around after you buy something great and ask yourself “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

We were given a bed by some friends years and years ago. We planned to get side tables. Those are important. Instead we didn’t. We were given a set. Not as pretty as our bed, but we don’t complain at free furniture.

Then. The day came when we sold those bad boys and we used cheap shelving from target. It looked cute. Did the job. But we passed them on when we moved. Again.

Since July, we have had no side tables. Cardboard boxes, but no tables. HUGE boxes. But cardboard is cardboard people. It’s dusty in a way that cannot be cleaned. It’s dented down the center and it caves in creating a hole from which I cannot retrieve my most favorite possessions. Chapstick. Pens. My arm. Cardboard doesn’t discriminate.

The day came when The Man said we could buy some. “Be wise with our funds woman!” He said. Well. He didn’t. But I wish he spoke with me like this.

We shopped. We price checked. We made a face like we were smelling a glass of milk that came from a cow who got into the onion pasture. (Thanks Napoleon). And then we left. Because guess what. Side tables are dumb expensive. It’s a level of silliness I want no part of. Except that I really want side tables.

Many stores and thrift store diving passed and no good.
The cheapest we found was $50 for used and $79 for new. And we didn’t remotely like those.
Then we went to ikea and my room is amazing. For reals. So pretty. And organized and helpful and efficient and grown up. No longer am I a bachelor drowning in cardboard. I’m an adult! With adult furniture. Amen.