Sleeping With The Enemy: there’s harm in flirting

Most times it’s happening for hours or days. Even weeks. Before I realize it’s happening. The flirting. 

I’m not talking about flirting with men other than my husband. He’s the winner and he’s all I want. I’m talk about flirting with satan. 
I do it. I flirt with satan. 
I don’t start my day out planning this. In fact, I try to start most days planning the exact opposite. But it happens. For me it’s in the little things. 
I’ve been a Christian for over 3 decades. I don’t struggle with quitting drugs or drinking an amount called acceptable. I don’t hang on to bitterness and try to sabotage those who do me wrong. I’ve worked through my approach in all of these. My sins are little, but they are great. 
They are many. Each of these are small. Not an outright advance. Just a flirt with the enemy. 
Things like being a little too lax when it comes to caring for my home. Being on my phone too much. Throwing out a retort when my kids are annoying me. Spending more money than I planned and keeping the packages in the car because my guilt keeps me from bringing them inside. (Just kidding, Handsome. I never do this). 
How about paying for a gym membership I don’t use like I should? Would you call that sin? I would. 
We are commanded to be good stewards of our resources. And it’s fine if I don’t go to the gym. But maybe I need to reevaluate my membership. 
Here’s the thing. These are seemingly silly. These are things that could be fixed in about a second if I just chose the right side of the road. But they are flirts. 
Suddenly one little flirt leads to another and what was so far outside of the realm of possibility is suddenly one step to my right. I went a rude remark of irritation to full blown yelling at my kids. Saying words that cut instead of build. 
I went from irritated about a messy house to self indignation because why is it my job to clean? Why do I have to do this?? I work all day. I make dinner. I. I. I. 
Whoa. Where’d you come from? Selfish much? Yes. I am. And it gets nastier with every flirt. Because suddenly we look around and we find we’ve been sleeping with the enemy. 

Draw a hard and fast line, friends. We don’t flirt with the devil. We pour out love. We serve with Jesus’s heart. We chase what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable! 
Philippians tells us to think on these things. Be changed. God is for you. You’ve got this.