Selfish Much? A GIVEAWAY

We spend so much time with our itty bitty kids teaching them to:

Be nice

Say Please

Share that toy

Did you say thank you?

All five of their beginning years we teach them how to be kind and giving with what ever they have. Of course we never want our kids to suddenly be rude, but by the time they leave for kindergarten, we seem to back off the intensity of this lesson.

Sure, we model by example, but the truth is, we aren’t as intentional at teaching this as we could be. As we should be. Maybe because we think we don’t have as much say now that little Johnny and little Linda are at school for 7 hours a day. I am here to beg to differ.

During Opening Ceremonies, International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach, addressed the world–August 5th from a simple podium amid a techno-charged party scene. His role was to welcome the world, in person or via television, to the 2016 Olympics hosted in Brazil.

Instead he delivered 11 of the most shocking words that should cause every mom everywhere to double-check her parenting.

Bach casually stated, “We are living in a world where selfishness is gaining ground.”

Ouch. Stings doesn’t it? It’s like we want to laugh awkwardly because we know it is just. so. true. But we can do something about that.

First, you can keep reading this article over at Reno Mom’s Blog where I give ideas to take back the reigns, even if we aren’t with our kids during the school hours.

Next, how about I lead by example and give you free stuff? It’s what Jesus would do. And while I don’t have one of those bracelets to give you, I have something really so amazing.

I wouldn’t joke around about this. It’s not only 3:11 aye em as I am typing this, but it’s back to school time. You deserve a little bit of love. And you deserve this dress.

Yes. You do.

So, I am giving it to you. Or one like it. The winner will get a gift certificate for $25 to shop at Simply Bliss Boutique. 

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I can hear you.

Yes. Because somethings should just be easy.


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And in the spirit of generosity and teaching our kids to learn to lead the way. Because we want to show them all the beauty they posses inside. Because we want to give them a sense of PRIDE… sorry. Carried away.

Anyway!! If you don’t want to risk it OR you want to add this to your winning gift card, I am offering  you all an exclusive code. That’s right!! It’s only for my people. YOU are my people!

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Happy back to school. Happy back to sanity. Happy Here’s To Changing the World  One Kid At A Time!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

PS all amazing photos taken by Adam Dahir. See him for all your photo needs.