Reno Moms’ Blog: Guest Poster

18 Christmases just isn’t enough. But that is really all we get.
I have a dream that has almost as much to do with the character of my children as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech fifty years ago. Well, sort of. I want my children to be well-equipped. The situations they experience whilst in my home give them the opportunity to build this character. This paired with the fact that I. LOVE. LISTS (seriously people, it’s out of hand) means that I have a bucket list for my kids before they move out. For some of them, I have what seems like lots of time. But then I think of my high schooler, and I realize I have three Christmases left to have everything checked off. That’s it. Three Christmases. here we go:

  • Love God; love others
  • Sew on a button
  • Do laundry; all sorts
  • Make a good pot of coffee
  • Always offer a guest a drink and/or something to eat
  • Leave a place cleaner than you found it
  • Roll with the punches, even the sucker ones
  • Communicate with strangers, adults, peers, even when it’s tough
  • Shake hands like they mean business
  • Set, work toward, and achieve goals
  • Cook something- anything
  • Sit through an interview and score a win
  • Offer the big side of the cookie to a friend
  • Quote a movie poignantly even if they are the only one who will laugh about it
  • Follow a sport like a real fan
  • Clean a toilet and sink properly
  • Function at a restaurant properly from hostess to tip
  • Understand that there is always another side to the story
  • Confess
  • Sit through a wedding and a funeral….

And so many more. I add to it all the time, and revisit it often. Recently, I was able to cross one of these off of all five of my kids’ list at one time. A funeral. Yeah, you heard me.

We spent a week gearing up, shopping for proper attire, conversation after conversation.

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