Remarkable Housewives: WEEK 2


Hello Ladies! How was your week? Did you make it through with your sanity? My Friday almost brought it all crashing down. It was one of those mentally fuzzy weeks where everyone seemed slightly crazier than normal. Know what I mean?

It helped knowing I wasn’t alone in my crazy. I loved reading your posts this week, and knowing that we were each taking a closer look at Eve’s less than perfect life.

So, let’s get after it. Let’s talk about our sister, Eve. If you haven’t read it yet, go do that, and come back and give us all of your .67 cents on the chapter. Read the EVE section and Lesson 2. I mean, you can read all three lessons, but we are going to talk about lesson 2 this week.

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty much the same about her now as I did before this chapter. First, I tend to feel a little annoyed with her. Then, I circle around to relief that she went first; I am pretty sure I would have blundered that situation even worse if God saw fit to make me the first woman, and I end with wondering how many times I behave like her even still. The answer to that is probably a clear, “too often.”

In the comments, answer one or some of the questions below:

EVE- What is a line from this chapter that struck you?

Who do you relate to most in this story?


Which of the seven temptation resisters (beginning on page 52) do you think is your toughest to implement in your life? What can you do to change that?

When you feel weak, remember your strength comes from God. Plus you have an incredible support system He has provided you in family and friends.” Phil. 4:13

Be sure to respond to one another’s comments, and check back throughout the week to see who has responded to you. There may even be an option to have emails sent to you when a comment is left on this post.


We are reading about Delilah, have mercy. We will discuss Lesson #1 and talk about honesty.

Blessings to you, Sweet Sisters. I am so grateful you are here.

6 thoughts on “Remarkable Housewives: WEEK 2”

  1. The quote that struck me most in this chapter was “Slowly but surely that snake began to wear me down.” It’s on page 19. It’s the truth in my life because I tend to be strong at the first run in with the devil, but then I get busy and as soon as I get busy I read my Bible less. And as soon as I read my Bible less, I speak to God less. And it’s like If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, and suddenly one thing has led to another and I am being worn down by the devil. So annoying.

    1. I can so see how that applies and how quickly that can snowball(I think that is the write analogy)

    2. Haha if you give a mouse a cookie. Love that.

      But real life…. Yes it is so like that. Little by little it happens.

  2. EVE- What is a line from this chapter that struck you?

    Nothing happened
    No lighting bolts
    no tornadic winds ripping me from the tree. Maybe it really was okay that I had engaged my temptations.

    I feel like this is so how temptation is. Most humans,as I have observed, think temptation comes in dramatic form. But from what I have observed it doesn’t. It’s subtle,quiet and oftwn times sneaky.

    Who do you relate to most in this story?

    I relate to Eve when the snake made some ugly decisions sound like sweet decisions.
    In the beginning of my injury many people I thought were friends made some ugly decisions sound sweet. They were like the snake. And I was like Eve at moments. It sounded good, right, made me question my health, abilities,doctors and yep..God telling me umm you barley know your name and how to say you want –bad idea sister!
    They would say:
    “Just come out with us, it shows you care”
    “You can have company you’ll be fine,you don’t need to talk”
    “Are you really sure your that injured,your face looks great now”

    I quickly realized these were not real friends and were trying to decieve my new path of strict healing. But at moments part of me felt like maybe they are right. Maybe I am ok. Maybe since the brain bleed is gone I’m ok. I can’t remember who my kids or husband but maybe if I go out I’ll be ok. Wrong!
    The snake always loves to throw those ugly maybes to make you doubt the path God has you on. And what you know is right and true.
    Lame snake!

    LESSON 2-

    Which of the seven temptation resisters (beginning on page 52) do you think is your toughest to implement in your life? What can you do to change that?

    Consult God’s word for guidance in handling any situation(through the Bible)

    I think it’s the hardest because I don’t always pick up my Bible I like to think God wants to talk to me every waking hour through me sitting on the floor, in the shower,learning a new life skill, basically anything I do as I talk his ear off haha. And when I don’t hear him I figure he is busy and will get back to me later!

    So I have to continue learning that he talks to us through the Bible as well as through silence, meditation,nature,household chores and learning lifeskills etc.

    I have to learn to get out of my go to ways and expand that way of listening to God. As my brain heals the doctors say that will be easier to accomplish.
    But to hold myself accountable…..practicing picking my Bible up more when I have questions, adding it as a go to when I need something answered.

    Janessa 🐢
    (Grammer may be off as I’m learning English writing still)
    (Sorry I’m a day late in responding ladies!)

    1. Janessa, Your story is so powerful. What a great insight. Eve’s life can teach us so much. I found I struggle with the same thing you do: seeking God through scripture first.
      I am such a verbal processor that I want to hash out my struggles with anyone who will listen. Then I forget that God is always there, ready to listen, and he’s got the best feedback because he sees everything. Even into the future.

      1. 🙂

        Amen to that!
        We will all be learning the lesson together to go to him first! Haha

        Glad I’m not alone in that aspect 🙂

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