Ready. Steady. Quick Recap

Ok. First we

Ran into Effie Trinket and the angry chick from district 7. Late night showing of Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1. 
Then we
Witnessed downtown become just a smidge brighter with the lighting of the tree. Followed by
Laughing. Pizza. And a lot of laughing. When I say a lot of laughing, I don’t mean someone told a joke and we laughed longer than the average person for that minute. I mean in our house we laugh SO MUCH. When we aren’t laughing we are singing. And sometimes we are yelling. But only sometimes is that yelling angry. And to be fair sometimes the laughing is facetious and full of mocking undertones. And I’m sorry. I’m just sorry. 
And then it got real. Folks, I’m going to level with you. I was a little shocked to look over and see The Man had taken on this position a little early even for Thanksgiving. This man doesn’t sprawl. I should know. I’ve secretly and obviously watched his every move for 21 years. Ok. More obviously. I don’t even try to hide it!! In fact, yep. I’m about to confess something. When we were in high school, I heard he worked at Walmart. I went every night for a week. Never saw him once. I was so irritated that I sucked at stalking a guy who barely knew I existed that I very uncooly asked when he was working and where I could find him if I happened to stop by. Insert air quotes where you think best. You should probably use more sets than you think for that sentence. Also. Who even thought to check the garden section??!!
Seven times a charm, I tell you. anyway. One thing lead to another and 
We are winding down another year of being Mike and Shontell. Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder how he found me and what ever made him think that he should break up with my best friend and ask me out. Out of my hands people!!! Would you believe me if I claimed innocent bystander?