Rainbow Gang

I’ve got all these children who regularly want. Food, clothes, shelter, rides, jokes, snuggles, quality time, acts of service, read alouds, basketball partners, coffee: their needs are endless. Sometimes I wake up to the barrage of their wants and want to simply pull the covers up over my head and pretend I’m someplace happy. Easier. Some place with a maid. 

But honestly, I wouldn’t change a minute of my time giving to and loving on my kids. Because wrapped up inside all those minutes of games and practices and supply runs and friend shuffling and band aids and errands exists inside jokes and giggles that turn to all out guffaws and lines that we will mockingly quote for the rest of their lives. 

One of my favorite things about our family is the amount of inside jokes my kids have. They are like a movie quoting, mock making gang. They even call themselves The Rainbow Gang. They made shirts. No kidding. 

We are all jumped into the gang. If you are here for as much as one evening of dinner, you get jumped in. Your fighting is futile. You’d have to come back a couple times to get a shirt, but really it doesn’t take much. Especially if you don’t make us have to clarify when we are kidding. Let’s just assume it’s always and we will let you know if seriousness is coming. 

The Rainbow Gang