Prayers for Persevering

Persevering. It’s almost an offensive word for people who are stuck in the middle of it. This is an excerpt of my prayer journal recently. I was feeling frustrated that we haven’t adopted some babes. I really want to adopt some babes. I really think God wants us to adopt some babes. My children are completely offended that we haven’t adopted some babes. My husband thinks we already have a lot of children. :/ God’s witty comebacks are in parenthesis:
Lord, diligence and I do not move in similar circles, but I know you can change this. (You are practicing diligence).
Thank you, I get caught up. I feel like this adoption road has no end. (I see it.)
Is it good? The road, I mean. Is it happy at the end? (Of course it is. I made it).
Thank you. (Welcome. I love you.)
I love you more (Not possible).
Yeah, you always win at that one. amen