Pants Are For Jerks

let’s just get something straight. I feel pants are a sham put out by big fashion conglomerates to make us spend money. Leg prisons, that what pants are.

Ok, I don’t really feel like this, but I wouldn’t say no to a shirt that reads, “no mas pantalones.”** Any screen printing companies reading this know what to get me for the New Year.

img_4544What I really mean to say is boy do I love down time. I am a multi-tasking while watching and quoting movies vegamatic. I’ve made that up, but it totally defines me. Are you this person? Where you have to have down time, but you need to multi-task while doing said nothing?

Or are you one of these people who struggle with down time- two modes: going a million miles per hour or asleep? That’s my husband. He will walk into a room full of us multi-tasking veggies and say things like “what are you guys doing today?”

And I am pretty sure he thinks we don’t understand his English language because it never fails that we, all six of us, look around with our mouths open. Eyebrows-uh-furrow. and only after 147 seconds of silent confusion do we reply something like, “uhm. We are doing it.” Then he goes and builds something, and we get back to our couch cushions.

I’ve enjoyed this break, but goodness I have missed you all. I have enjoyed my “down time” I am using quotes here because as I am writing this I am realizing I have actually accomplished quite a bit.



movie devouring




did I already say eating

and games

What have you done on your holiday break?

**as it turns out you can type the phrase “Translate no mas pantalones” into Google and the reader girl not only reads this sternly, she seems to be yelling. Clearly she is on my side. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.