Oh The Places We Will Go

There are a number of places I want to go with this here hot guy. I just need the funds and a little bit of time.

  • The Grand Canyon for obvious reasons and my graduation in the Spring
  • New York to eat a hotdog off the cart
  • Broadway to take in a musical that will make me laugh and cry all in one outing
  • Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and make out, I mean ride a passenger train
  • Oregon to smooch over a sea side campfire
  • Florida to take in every bit of Epcot possible
  • Washington DC so I can turn to him after a near endless tours of the town and say, “I am very happy to be with you in our nation’s capitol” 
  • Chicago to touch the bull and eat a slice of pizza
  • Italy to eat my way through city after city until we meet someone I am related to
  • Germany so we can personally learn the difference between a coffee house and a cafe
  • Alaska so my husband can find me and my book by a lodge fire and tell me all about his day of ice fishing with polar bears
  • Israel so we can dip our toes in the river and know we are standing where Jesus stood.
  • Pennsylvania so we can take a tour of all the notable spots of American history that took place ’round those parts
  • Fenway Park to watch the Redsox play ball and scream at the big green wall whilst waving by giant foam finger
  • Hawaii so we can swim in a waterfall and reminisce about our pretend honeymoon there

to name a few.