Oh My Heck, I Broke My Neck

Okay, not really. But I am in so much subtle pain. I realize some people are in unsubtle pain, which is way worse, but this is my blog. Why would I write about them?
Being here makes me miss my chiropractor; I like to call him Mr. Aric. Neither of us are big fans of Facebook, so I can’t drop him a line and say how I miss the way he would twist my neck around like an owl and send me crying from his office. You wouldn’t think it’s true, but it is. I have had a head ache for at least 21 days. Am I exaggerating you ask? No, no I am probably under estimating in fact.
I visited him just before the big move. My neck was apparently so tense he couldn’t get my bones to go back to their originally appointed position. That is just rude of my muscles if you ask me. And why wouldn’t you; it’s my blog. Haven’t we been over this? Don’t confuse me; I have a headache.
This may be what I look like now:

Oh, and good news; our insurance doesn’t kick in after 30 days. It kicks in at the first full calendar month. I get to wait two more weeks than I thought. MR. AAAARIC!!!!! I may drive back to Reno for an adjustment. That is not a euphemism. Don’t make me laugh; I have a headache.