Ode To The Natalie Rose

There’s a girl I know
She carries a glow
every day, about her

It’s not just a light
It’s honest and bright
every day, about her

The patience it takes
new life, high stakes
every day, about her

A season to wait
Trust in God’s fate
every day, about her

In honor of my new friend Natalie Rose, in honor of anyone who has been asked to wait an indefinite amount of time while God works everything out in a way that only he can, I dedicate this poem. But mostly to The Natalie Rose.

Waiting is painful. Sometimes it even transfers over to physical pain. I get tense during the day, and I don’t even realize it. Then, I go to lay down at night, and instead of melting into my covers and settling into my pillow, I find I can’t release the tension. It hurts. I realize I have been clenching my teeth. I realize I have given myself a headache, dull and ever-lingering in the base o my neck. Then I get super frustrated with myself for being such a doubter through my pain.

I am choosing. I am choosing to focus on my list of everything for which I am grateful. Not grateful because I have accomplished them. Things that are amazing because they are true gifts and blessings to me. Things I couldn’t have made or picked for myself or done better.

A husband who loves me most.

Five kids when I thought we would have none at one point.

A house that not only holds up a roof to keep me warm but that is super cute.

Coffee around every corner.

Writing. I am so thankful for writing.

Music. It helps me learn. It mellows me. It wakes me up.

It’s Thursday. Be thankful. Make a list of what you are thankful for so the waiting isn’t quite so rough.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut