It just feels like the right time for a numbers post. Here we go:

1778 the number of words I’ve written in my new manuscript

4 the books I’m reading
5 the days left in my work year until summer starts

3 the number of days I am already scheduled to work this summer. 
2 the number of books I am currently writing
5 the number of my children who are totally over this school year

4 the number of days they have left and most of them are half days. I haven’t the sympathy you’re looking for, children. 

15 the number of times I want to take our new fifth wheel out camping this summer. Let’s go let’s go let’s go!! 
8 the number of the news station coming to interview me in the morning. They’ve come to realize my students are rad. 
460 the amount of money my students have raised to help Detroit schools reopen. 

2738548382  the number of times a day I realize how much I love love love my jobs (wife, mother, teacher, speaker- I love all of them.)